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If you are a board game enthusiast, an escape room adventurer or a contemporary interior design lover – you should definitely visit Unlocked bar and kitchen designed by interior design studio Renesa in the city of Gurugram.

With its own adventure-themed escape room and a selection of over 100 board games, the interior design of this bar was inspired by ancient sundials and puzzling video games.  

Unlocked Bar Kitchen

Studio Renesa

Renesa is an award winning creative consultancy firm doing Architectural & Interior design consulting across India. The design studio creates unique experiences, always starting from a clear strategy to reach the desired goal and focusing on the end users of different products and markets. The goal of Renesa is to bring unexpected new interior design ideas for different companies by expressing their values and visions.

Renesa design studio


Featuring bold hues and geometric forms, the venue has been designed by studio Renesa to “instantly transport to an uncertain realm”. “The concept was to manipulate the space in order to create multiple pockets that arise from an array of lines and shapes,” added the studio.

Unlocked modern interior design


To achieve this other-worldly aesthetic, the studio looked to Jantar Mantars – huge masonry sundials erected by ruler Maharaja Jai Singh II in the 18th century. Located in New Delhi, Jaipur, Ujjain, Mathura and Varanasi, the structures feature ornamental staircases and curvaceous walls punctuated by arched windows. Monument Valley also became a point of reference, a colorful video game that sees players lead protagonist character Princess Ida through a maze of optical illusions to reach higher levels.


The restaurant, in turn, features a series of teal-blue or peach-colored partitions punctuated with vaulted openings. They lead through to dining rooms that have been completed with modern furniture – square black tables and tan-leather seating banquettes. Some of the walls have semicircular cut-outs that look through to small nooks dressed with wood-framed chairs and stools where guests can sit and play games.

Interior Design

Raised stencils with stair-like outlines have been applied to the walls and back-lit to seem more three-dimensional. A feature wall with rows of gabled or arch niches has also been created at the center of the venue.

Unlocked restaurant by Renesa


While most of the floor has been covered with concrete, some parts have been inlaid with slanting patches of brown, orange and sky-blue ceramic tiles. The overall color scheme is completed by bronze, cone-shaped restaurant lighting fixtures that have been suspended from the ceiling.

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